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Update 20 May 2024

Albury Show - April 2024

This is to thank all of you who visited our stand at the S7 Albury Show on Saturday 22 April. We had some long-standing French friends staying at home with us for 4 days, so for me it was a quick dash up to Hertfordshire on the M25 and M11. There was a problem with the traffic on M25 on the way back, so I ended up by returning home via Heathrow doing a complete circuit of the M25 that day. The Albury Show is a lovely friendly event, so even if you are not an S7 modeller, there is plenty of interest to see and discuss on the trade stands. To mention a few stands: Mark Wood demonstrated his ultimate fidelity 7mm scale wheel iron castings (the best available with full, correctly-shaped spokes), David Rayner – his detailed track components, Steve Loeber – signalling operations and practice and Colin Dowling – top quality wheel turning. 

The Atlantics Project

A huge amount of work has been proceeding on this project. We have spent weeks of time checking drawings and photographs to make the designs for these engines as accurate as possible. This included another visit to the Bluebell Railway to check out and photograph sections/details of the replica of Beachy Head. We are most grateful to the Bluebell Railway and the Brighton Atlantic Group for again facilitating access to Beachy Head. The work they have done in creating this beautiful locomotive has been invaluable to us, although we are fully aware of changes that have been made for the preservation era so you can be certain that your model will be correct for the chosen period.

Tenders for the Atlantics are now in production for all the engines and the final changes to the CAD design are also being completed in Korea. We have tried to reduce the number of variations as this is a small build and we cannot make every locomotive to a different specification. 

On the Brighton Atlantics we have had to change the specification for H1 and H2 engines in Southern and BR periods as it proved impossible to keep an absolutely similar configuration for both eras. These changes mean that once the models have been built it will be difficult or impossible to convert the engines for other eras so please do reserve what you want at this stage to avoid disappointment later.

Here are some notes on the programme and the current availability of each model.

Ivatt Small Boiler Atlantics

Number to be built: 15

Still available: 6

Henry Oakley, the NRM preserved engine, is painted in Great Northern (GNR) livery but is now actually in the later LNER configuration. Most of the Small Boiler Atlantics that are reserved by you are of Henry Oakley in GNR livery. This being the case you need to confirm whether you want your locomotive in LNER condition as preserved, or in earlier GNR configuration.

Ivatt Large Boiler Atlantics

Number to be built: 10 

Still available: 7

The plan is to build seven engines in GNR configuration and only 3 engines in LNER configuration. All locomotives will be in superheated form. Two of the GNR engines would be available in either GNR or LNER livery, to-choice.


Marsh H1 LBSCR in lined Umber 

Number to be built: 12 

Still available: 3

These engines will have the early cabs and early chimneys and the original Marsh fittings.

Marsh H1 Southern in SR Olive Green

Number to be built: 12 

Still available: 9

These engines will have the later cabs and the later Maunsell chimney and dome.

Marsh H1 British Railways Plain black

Number to be built: 4 

Still available: 2

These engines will have the later cabs and the later Maunsell chimney and dome.

It would be possible to switch Southern H1s to BR and vice-versa

Marsh H2 LBSCR in lined Umber

Number to be built: 9 

Still available: 7

These engines will have the early cabs and early chimneys and the original Marsh fittings.

Marsh H2 Southern in SR Olive Green

Number to be built: 9 

Still available: 5

These engines will have the later cabs and the later Maunsell chimney and dome with snifting valves on the smokebox.

Marsh H2 British Railways Lined black

Number to be built: 14 

Still available: 7

These engines will have the later cabs and the later Maunsell chimney and dome. No snifting valves are fitted on the smokeboxes of these engines.

It will NOT be possible to switch Southern H2s to BR or vice-versa

We do not plan to offer H1s or H2s in Bulleid Malachite Green, but if 4 (or more) reservations/ requests were made for this livery, we might be able to offer it. Pease note H1 St Catherine’s Point was in this livery in BR days. 

32424 annotated

This photograph of the Bluebell Railway's H2 Atlantic replica illustrates some of the points that have required adjustments for our models. 


LMS/BR LMR 6P, 7P and 8P Locomotives

The builders have sent over a large number of detailed drawings of these locomotives for checking. A huge amount of research has gone into the design of these models. As no engines were preserved amongst many of these types – British Legion, Rebuilt Jubilees, Rebuilt Patriots, Sir William Stanier FRS and City of Salford – our designers have to work out the shapes and sizes of many of the fittings as well as the detailed layouts of how these locomotives were designed and manufactured. This is a massive task, but the quality and detail of the drawings produced by the designers has been simply mind-blowing. We could not have imagined achieving drawings to such high quality. We are determined to offer these specialist locomotives, even in small volumes, otherwise it is extremely unlikely they would ever be built as high quality models.. 

KEMPTON PARK SHOW Saturday 1 June 2024

The Masterpiece Models Team at Kempton Park will be Adrian and Di Knowles and Bryan Robertson. Ros and John Borkowski have an unavoidable prior commitment so cannot be there on this occasion. We are sure the Team will be able to help out with any questions and enquiries, so do come and visit the stand. We send our best wishes to you all in advance.

John Borkowski/20 May 2024

The 'Atlantics' are back!

Atlantic work 

Just a couple of pictures of our people working on the Atlantics back in the factory in South Korea.

Lostwax casting 3

The pictures show the preparation of masters and a set of brass castings for these locomotives. Over here we have also prepared drawings of the later cab Southern and BR Brighton Atlantics. No detailed drawings have been available up to now in the public domain. I also have been working on modifying the H1 drawings to model the Bullied conversion of Hartland Point. In fact, I am suffering from drawing fatigue! Let’s hope that is all works well to get the locomotives to be as accurate as possible.

O Gauge Guild Show at Kettering tomorrow Saturday 2 March

Just to remind you all that we will be at the O Gauge Guild Kettering Show. Please do come along to say hello and exchange ideas. We will try to bring a small selection of second-hand engines that we now have available as well as our new locomotive range.



H1 Atlantic 1

First, I hope you all had a good Christmas break and New Year’s festivities. Perhaps time to enjoy the company of friends and family, or just some time to rest! At Masterpiece Models we start the new year with an announcement that we are resuming production of the Atlantics. The COVID pandemic and the world economic difficulties encountered as result of military action in the Ukraine disrupting trade flows increasing costs and weakening demand led to an extended pause in our Atlantic build programme. In the year that the Beachy Head H2 replica is due have its first steaming on the Bluebell Railway, we felt it was appropriate to restart the project.

We very much appreciate all of you who have kept faith in us and maintained your reservation deposits. Without your continued support we would have had to terminate the programme.

We have just concluded a new contract with our builder to make a baseline 85 locomotive programme with a target completion date of December 2024.

The planned programme comprises 25 GNR/LNER Atlantics and 60 LBSC/Southern and BR Brighton Atlantic locomotives. The more detailed breakdown at the date of writing is broadly as follows:

Marsh H1 ‘Atlantics’: 30 locomotives, 10 of which are reserved:

LBSC Umber     6 available
Southern Olive Green     12 available
BR Black     2 available

Marsh H2 ‘Atlantics’: 30 locomotives, 8 of which are reserved:

LBSC Umber     6 available
Southern Olive Green     7 available
BR Black     9 available

Please note that we are not planning to offer the Marsh H1 and H2 engines in Southern or BR Bulleid Malachite Green livery. 

Ivatt small boiler GNR/LNER ‘Atlantics’, 15 locomotives, 8 of which are currently reserved.

Ivatt large boiler GNR/LNER ‘Atlantics’, 10 locomotives, 3 of which are currently reserved.

H1 Atlantic 2

The model illustrated on this web page is a pre-production pilot for the LB&SCR H1 Atlantic in umber livery. This is a starting point that has provided valuable insights, but many corrections, enhancements and refinements will be incorporated in the finished models.

For the Marsh H1 and H2 locomotives, due to restricted slot availability, we are offering maximum flexibility to choose individual locomotives in each category shown above This means that you will have maximum freedom to choose your desired engine as long as examples in your chosen livery are still available.


We are still hoping to make a limited number (5) of the Bulleid sleeve valve modifications of H1 32039 Hartland Point that was used to test out the valve gear to be used on the ill-fated Bulleid Leader class 060-060 locomotives. Detailed technical information on this modified H1 locomotive is proving difficult to discover. We may have to work only from photographs as we did for some of the 28XX locomotives. If it proves possible to make 32039 in this configuration, we will increase production accordingly. We hope to be able to offer it in both Southern and BR plain black liveries.

If you want a particular locomotive, please make a reservation now as there is very little room to make changes as the production process has already started. In a tight timetable switching locomotive periods/configurations/liveries is heavily constrained.

H1 tender

Once again thank you all very much for maintaining your interest in this project.

John Borkowski


Christmas 2023 and New year 2024

Christmas is on a Monday this year which leaves a larger non-working day gap than is usual. So today is my last-minute opportunity to thank all of you who have been in contact this year, whether in person, phone, email or letter. I know that for many of you 2023 has been a difficult, uncertain and worrying time which thankfully we have now got through. For me it has been big struggle with ill-heath throughout this period. Perhaps this third bout of COVID will help me now to make a bit of a recovery.

I would like to thank everyone for the cards and messages of goodwill which are really appreciated. Please take care and look after yourselves and all your families and friends. Ros and I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas season and a very Happy New Year 2024.

In our next announcement we hope to bring you some interesting news. So, please watch this space!

John Borkowski/22 December 2022

Update 18 December 2023

Guildford Show Saturday December 2nd 2023
This is a late notice to thank all of you braved the cold and the M25 Junction 10 difficulties associated with getting to and being at the Guildford Show. The footfall seemed markedly less even than last year when the date clashed with the Warley Model Club show at the Birmingham NEC. Our stand was cold all day and the only occasion that I warmed up was in the afternoon in the Cafeteria upstairs. Still, it was very nice to see those of you who were able to come to the stand. We had a large display of locomotives including some second-hand ones in A1 condition. If you are in need of an A3 or A4 or Duchess please let me know.

If you are a Mr Martin Breakspear who called in late in the day on our stand, would you please contact me on 01737 242073 or 07484 617692 or email me on the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  THANK YOU.

Weloe Rolling Roads
We have run out of Scale 7 rolling roads and we apologise to customers who are waiting for delivery. We have ordered more S7 and O gauge rolling roads from Germany which hopefully will come in January. We still have some O gauge rolling roads in stock available for immediate delivery. 

Having suffered all year from the effects Long Covid, last week, somehow, I managed to catch the latest version of the virus. I still have it now, so the deliveries I had planned to make last week and the beginning of this week have had to be postponed. I still hope to come out of quarantine at least towards the end of this week. If this is successful, I will try to make some deliveries on Friday (22 Dec.) and Saturday (23 Dec.). 

I hope that you are all busy enjoying this Advent Season preparing for and building up to the Christmas and New Year holiday period. We in the South East have had a few dry days and some occasional sunshine to lift our spirits. In spite of coping with Covid I have managed to find a few minutes of spare time to work quietly on converting a few O gauge wagons to Scale 7. My main interest has been in tank wagons of which there are very good examples available in both kit and ready-to-run form. Is anyone (manufacturer) willing to make a high quality 100 ton bogie tank wagon? Railway modelling can be quite therapeutic, especially when one has Covid!

 John Borkowski/17 December 2023