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The 'Atlantics' are back!

Atlantic work 

Just a couple of pictures of our people working on the Atlantics back in the factory in South Korea.

Lostwax casting 3

The pictures show the preparation of masters and a set of brass castings for these locomotives. Over here we have also prepared drawings of the later cab Southern and BR Brighton Atlantics. No detailed drawings have been available up to now in the public domain. I also have been working on modifying the H1 drawings to model the Bullied conversion of Hartland Point. In fact, I am suffering from drawing fatigue! Let’s hope that is all works well to get the locomotives to be as accurate as possible.

O Gauge Guild Show at Kettering tomorrow Saturday 2 March

Just to remind you all that we will be at the O Gauge Guild Kettering Show. Please do come along to say hello and exchange ideas. We will try to bring a small selection of second-hand engines that we now have available as well as our new locomotive range.