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About Us

Masterpiece Models was established in 2007 by Michael Brooks with the objective of producing top quality 7mm:1ft scale British outline model locomotives. The models were rapidly acknowledged for setting entirely new standards in the ready-to-run market and they have been in great demand.

When you take a closer look you will see why these models are so sought after. Each series is based on official works drawings and commissioned from the leading professional model maker in South Korea, with whom we communicate regularly and visit frequently. Recent Masterpiece Models have been built to buyer specification with much original research being undertaken to ensure that a wide variety of options are available to discriminating buyers who can determine exactly what they want for their model. Our objective is simply to produce the most accurate model possible with performance to match.

Masterpiece Models’ first model was a series of 111 GWR/WR 'Castles', all of which were sold before delivery. These were followed by 111 GWR/WR 'King's eighteen months later (including a ‘special’ series portraying 6000 King George V in North America tour condition; BR double chimney; and 12 Kings in BR blue). All the Kings sold very quickly.

The third Masterpiece Models series comprised LMS streamlined 'Coronations' in blue & silver/red & gold; of which 34 were built. This was followed by 26 classic LMS non-streamlined 'Duchesses' in LMS red livery with gold letters & numbers or 1946 LMS lined black; both with single/double chimneys; with/without smoke deflectors, etc. In addition, the main build was a total of 75 BR 'Duchesses' in BR blue, BR green or BR maroon in a variety of conditions. All have now been sold.

British Railways standard 4-6-2s followed with a build of 111 Class 7 'Britannias' which was extended to include 20 Class 6 'Clans'. For the first time, both classes could be specified in detail based on early (early/mid 1950s) or late (late 1950s/early 1960s) condition. A Scaleseven option was also introduced. 

For our fifth build, we returned to the GWR/WR with the intention of completing a trilogy of GWR 4 cylinder 4-6-0s by producing 111 'Stars'. However the project quickly developed into our most ambitious build programme thus far. We eventually finalised the build by stages to 84 'Stars' and extended to include 53 'Saints' and finally 15 'Atlantics'. 'Stars' and 'Saint's were also produced in British Railways livery and condition. A comprehensive booklet was produced summarising how each of the 175 models could be built and invited buyers to choose their own options for their specific model. All the models in this series have now been sold.

The delightful GWR/WR 48XX/14XX/58XX 0-4-2 tanks followed, which we believe are the smallest RTR type with working inside valve gear so far produced.

Next came Bulleid Pacifics in both air-smoothed and rebuilt forms. The rebuilt light pacific and rebuilt Merchant Navy class locomotives raised the bar again with operational forward and reverse valve gear.

In 2015 Michael Brooks retired and Masterpiece Models was taken over by John Borkowski, chairman of the ScaleSeven group.