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68XX 'Grange' 4-6-0

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Churchward's 1901 grand plan for a series of standard locomotives constructed from a pool of common parts included a 4-6-0 with 5ft 8in driving wheels, a No. 1 boiler and two outside cylinders. In the event, such a locomotive did not materialise from Swindon until 1936 by which time Collett was in charge. Apart from the Collett cab, screw reverse and a number of detail modifications however, the design for the 'Grange' class was virtually pure Churchward.

The trigger for the introduction of the 'Granges' was the fact that many of the earlier 43XX moguls were becoming life-expired by the mid-1930s and the Running Department had been asking for some time for a 4-6-0 that could take over the work of many of the older 2-6-0 and 4-4-0 designs. By withdrawing 80 of the Churchward Moguls, Collett was able to re-use some of their components – such as wheels and motion – in the construction of the 'Granges'.

In essence, the 'Grange' is a 'Hall' with smaller wheels. The No. 1 boiler made the engines more powerful than the Moguls they were intended to replace but the heavier weight also placed them in the 'red' route restriction group. Although this limited their sphere of operation rather more than the 'blue' Moguls, they were still widely spread over the GW system. The 'Granges' proved to be extremely capable mixed traffic locomotives which could and did also show a good turn of speed on passenger work when required.

When new the 'Granges' were coupled to Churchward 3,500 gallon tenders, while later in life many of them received Collett 3,500 gallon, 4,000 gallon tenders or even the Hawksworth 8ft wide 4,000 gallon tender. All these tenders are available, with the option of purchasing extra tenders at £600 each if required.

The first four 'Granges' were turned out with rather plain cast iron chimneys but the later engines had a new design of copper capped chimney which became standard for the class. Frequent boiler changes at overhauls meant that some 'Granges' also appeared with the larger, taller 'Hall' Class copper capped chimneys. Later in the BR period many 'Granges' had the tall ID (improved draughting) copper capped chimney. In BR days there was frequent swapping of ID and Grange chimneys as the boilers were changed at major overhauls. In later BR years very few Granges had Hall chimneys. We are offering all the chimney types, except for the early short-lived cast iron pattern.

Another noticeable feature of Granges is the oil pipe cover on the smokebox flanks. There were two types of GWR cover and five types of BR cover. Our models have all been fitted with the correct oil cover types based on photographic evidence. As a result of this specification, changing the names of BR engines will be limited to maintain fidelity.

Apart from Scaleseven or Finescale 0 gauge, the only other option now will be a choice of tenders.

We built 60 'Granges' in 6 liveries: GW green with the shirtbutton monogram; GW green with G W R; GW black with G W R; BR lined black with lion-over-wheel emblem (1949-53) 6809 and 6819 only; BR plain black with lion-over-wheel emblem (1953-56) and BR lined green with later totem (late 1956 onwards). All the BR period locomotives are fitted with smokebox door number plates and shedcode plates.

Of the 60 'Granges', 12 were made in GWR livery and 48 in BR liveries. It is not possible to swap GWR and BR engines as there are significant detail differences. As of October 2019 all the BR lined black engines and GWR engines have been sold. We still have a good choice of BR plain black and BR lined green engines available including a few Scale7 locomotives.

One 'Grange' has been finished as special model of 6880 Betton Grange (the Grange replica now being built). This will be donated to the Betton Grange Group.

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As production is now complete, all the locomotives have been allocated names. It may be possible to change names and numbers (easier on BR locomotives than GWR locomotives due to the painted bufferbeam numbers) subject to fidelity to the prototype. If particular names are required we can order them from Severn Mill Nameplates, but for BR engines the nameplate painting is complex and has to be carried out in Korea. There will also be a delay in delivery of such models and the change will necessitate extra working time and an extra charge.

EU Customers can enquire about paying in Euros. Any new orders will require payment in full as all the models are all now ready to deliver. All reservations are now committed and are not eligible for cancellation and/or refunds other than in the most exceptional circumstances.

68XX 'Grange' prices

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