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47XX 2-8-0

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Churchward's last great masterpiece, the 47XX mixed traffic 2-8-0, is among the most iconic locomotives ever produced for the Great Western Railway. Only nine of these huge locomotives were built, primarily for fast overnight freight work, earning them the nickname 'Night Owls'.

Ironically the heyday for the class only came in the post-nationalisation years when the potential of these locomotives for use on heavy Summer Saturday passenger trains was acknowledged. In recognition of this they were turned out in fully lined BR passenger green livery.

The Masterpiece Models Edition is just 60 locomotives of nine prototypes. All models are now built and liveries are therefore fixed. Most of the models are now reserved. There is still a reasonable choice of GWR models available, but we have fewer BR lined green versions left. As of October 2019 there is only one model of 4708 available, which is in BR lined green livery. We have sold all the BR lined black models (4702 was the only locomotive so treated), but we still have a few BR plain black engines. So if you would like a 47XX model please do not wait too long as you may be disappointed. We have also made one special model of the Great Western Society's new-bulid 4709, fitted with 'pin-between' driving wheels as on the full-size replica. We are donating this model to the 4709 Group.

4700 in its initial form with a Standard No.1 boiler has not been made - all our models will have the large No.7 boiler. Outside steam pipes are fitted to all the models, together with the extended cab roof that was introduced on the class in 1927. All models are fitted with the shorter style of safety valve bonnet. The models of Nos. 4701-3 have the snifting valves mounted outside on the valve chest of the cylinders, while Nos. 4700/4/5/6/7/8 have them mounted in the standard position on the smokebox saddle above the running plate. We have pictures of 4700 with snifting valves on the cylinders in its early days, but these were soon moved to the smokebox saddle.

In the early 1930s the class began to be attached to 4,000 gallon tenders. We did have some spare Churchward 3,500 tenders but we have now run out, so for customers who want this tender it would have to be a special order which will not be available for several months as we would have to provide a tender from the 28XX build.

Six liveries were offered: GW green with GREAT WESTERN; GW Green with shirtbutton monogram; GW green with G W R lettering; BR unlined black with lion-over-wheel emblem; BR lined black with the lion-over-wheel emblem (4702 only) and BR lined green with later totem. All the BR period locomotives are fitted with smokebox door number plates and shedcode plates.

If you would like an engine please contact us first by email or telephone with your requirements and we will see whether and how we can meet your needs. You can also reserve your engine using the form on the right but we cannot guarantee to provide what you request as we only have what is left in stock. It may be possible to change the identity a BR livery engine subject to authenticity, however changing GWR livery engines is more difficult as this means changing the buffer beam number.

As all the models are now produced and ready to deliver we can only take payments in full. EU Customers can enquire about paying in Euros.

Delivery by courier within the UK is free of charge, and to the EU and the rest of the world it is £60.

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47XX prices

Model Type   Base price Reservation deposit Second payment Final Payment Total Payment
47XX 2-8-0   £ £ £ £ £
Non EU Overseas Price excl VAT 2888 250 1540 1158 2948
EU Price inc VAT 3465 250 1540 1735 3525
UK Price inc VAT 3465 250 1540 1675 3465