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Update 13 September 2023

Just a brief note to thank all of you who came to the Swindon Show. We managed to pack everything into our faithful and now not so young BMW Mini Cooper S including five models for delivery to customers. There was a great deal of interest in our Western Diesels, three of which were on display and were much admired, especially by the all the children and younger people who passed our stand.

Ros at Swindon Sept 2023

Coming to Swindon proved to be very interesting in a number of ways. Saturday weather was very hot and sticky and everyone there had get used to the heat (32 degrees C) inside the hall and high humidity. Sunday was also humid but a lot cooler (about 25 degrees C), but in the afternoon it was bit sticky. Star of the show was a superb model of the Hunslet railway works with fully working gantry (overhead) cranes, superb metal pillars and girders and a brass roof structure. There was even electrical cable trunking running up the metal pillars and working sliding entry doors. It really was work of art and science! A superb model missed by many visitors who had little appreciation of how good it was.

King on Traverser Sept 2023

We were placed next to Greenwood Models run by my old friend Mike Green. Mike had some samples of his superb workmanship; he makes crossings (points, slips, diamond crossings etc.) and sleepers for straight and curved track using laser-cut plywood as well as traversers and turntables. Mike was kind enough to put one our locomotives Frankton Grange on display on his turntable and we had a customer’s King and our 47XX on the traverser. If you are building, or plan to build, a high-quality layout or diorama, it would be well worthwhile contacting Mike, as not only does he supply components and kits, but he also can make up crossing to order as ready-to-run trackwork in both O gauge and Scale 7. He is very kindly making up some B8 Scale 7 crossings for me to use on a diorama.

Grange on Turntable 1

28XX/38XX 2-80 Tender Locomotives
Due to exceptional demand since the Stafford Show we have only 1 Black BR 28XX and 2 GWR plain Green 28XXs left. Only one green GWR 38XX is left. All the other 28XX/38XX models are reserved and awaiting delivery.

Collett Halls and Modified Halls
We have very few engines left, all BR livery, mainly BR Green. If you want a choice in Halls, please contact us soon if you want any choice of engine.

We still have a good availablity of GWR and BR 57XX early cab and 8750 late cab engines. We can provide a choice in emblems (GWR: GREAT WESTERN, Shirtbutton or G W R; BR: BRITISH RAILWAYS, Lion over Wheel or Totem. You can choose from our number list or have another plate provided it is made by Severn Mill Nameplates. The latter is available at a modest extra cost £50.