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H1 Atlantic 1

First, I hope you all had a good Christmas break and New Year’s festivities. Perhaps time to enjoy the company of friends and family, or just some time to rest! At Masterpiece Models we start the new year with an announcement that we are resuming production of the Atlantics. The COVID pandemic and the world economic difficulties encountered as result of military action in the Ukraine disrupting trade flows increasing costs and weakening demand led to an extended pause in our Atlantic build programme. In the year that the Beachy Head H2 replica is due have its first steaming on the Bluebell Railway, we felt it was appropriate to restart the project.

We very much appreciate all of you who have kept faith in us and maintained your reservation deposits. Without your continued support we would have had to terminate the programme.

We have just concluded a new contract with our builder to make a baseline 85 locomotive programme with a target completion date of December 2024.

The planned programme comprises 25 GNR/LNER Atlantics and 60 LBSC/Southern and BR Brighton Atlantic locomotives. The more detailed breakdown at the date of writing is broadly as follows:

Marsh H1 ‘Atlantics’: 30 locomotives, 10 of which are reserved:

LBSC Umber     6 available
Southern Olive Green     12 available
BR Black     2 available

Marsh H2 ‘Atlantics’: 30 locomotives, 8 of which are reserved:

LBSC Umber     6 available
Southern Olive Green     7 available
BR Black     9 available

Please note that we are not planning to offer the Marsh H1 and H2 engines in Southern or BR Bulleid Malachite Green livery. 

Ivatt small boiler GNR/LNER ‘Atlantics’, 15 locomotives, 8 of which are currently reserved.

Ivatt large boiler GNR/LNER ‘Atlantics’, 10 locomotives, 3 of which are currently reserved.

H1 Atlantic 2

The model illustrated on this web page is a pre-production pilot for the LB&SCR H1 Atlantic in umber livery. This is a starting point that has provided valuable insights, but many corrections, enhancements and refinements will be incorporated in the finished models.

For the Marsh H1 and H2 locomotives, due to restricted slot availability, we are offering maximum flexibility to choose individual locomotives in each category shown above This means that you will have maximum freedom to choose your desired engine as long as examples in your chosen livery are still available.


We are still hoping to make a limited number (5) of the Bulleid sleeve valve modifications of H1 32039 Hartland Point that was used to test out the valve gear to be used on the ill-fated Bulleid Leader class 060-060 locomotives. Detailed technical information on this modified H1 locomotive is proving difficult to discover. We may have to work only from photographs as we did for some of the 28XX locomotives. If it proves possible to make 32039 in this configuration, we will increase production accordingly. We hope to be able to offer it in both Southern and BR plain black liveries.

If you want a particular locomotive, please make a reservation now as there is very little room to make changes as the production process has already started. In a tight timetable switching locomotive periods/configurations/liveries is heavily constrained.

H1 tender

Once again thank you all very much for maintaining your interest in this project.

John Borkowski