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Christmas 2023 and New year 2024

Christmas is on a Monday this year which leaves a larger non-working day gap than is usual. So today is my last-minute opportunity to thank all of you who have been in contact this year, whether in person, phone, email or letter. I know that for many of you 2023 has been a difficult, uncertain and worrying time which thankfully we have now got through. For me it has been big struggle with ill-heath throughout this period. Perhaps this third bout of COVID will help me now to make a bit of a recovery.

I would like to thank everyone for the cards and messages of goodwill which are really appreciated. Please take care and look after yourselves and all your families and friends. Ros and I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas season and a very Happy New Year 2024.

In our next announcement we hope to bring you some interesting news. So, please watch this space!

John Borkowski/22 December 2022