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Update 17 April 2023

Western Diesel
Following our award from Model Rail we have updated the list of Westerns that are available. Please note that some of the names and liveries have changed mainly as a result of a number of changes in selection by customers for different name, liveries or gauge. Adrian has done a great job in colouring the backgrounds that you can now see at a glance what the livery is of each model. If the engine you want is shown in S7 or O Gauge, we can probably change the gauge at least at this stage of the stock level. There is one desert sand engine that has become available.

We are virtually out of stock of GWR plain green 28XX engines. Only pre-orders are left. There are only three unreserved BR 28XXs left. There are a large number of pre-orders still to be delivered.

We have only one GWR 38XX and one BR 38XX. Other remaining 38XXs are reserved awaiting delivery. 

Modified HallsOnly Parwick Hall in BR lined green late livery is left. All other stock is reserved awaiting delivery to customers.

Collett Halls
There are still a substantial number of Collett Halls due to be delivered. At present the availability is limited to BR Halls as the last GWR engine, Charfield Hall, has now been sold. Please enquire if you would like a Hall.

We still have a healthy stock of engines available including a few London Transport red locomotives. There are not many GWR 57XX early cab models left and generally we have more BR engines available. We have now sold out of BR lined black, but more 8750s in both GWR (green and black) and BR black are in stock. Because the models are configured to a wide variation and are numbered to customer choice, please call us if you would like a pannier. We are still able to offer some variation but the models need to be configured to meet individual needs.

45Xx Prairie
Occasionally we have engines returned for resale and we have two BR 45XX currently available including 4507 in S7 late BR configuration unused. Please enquire if you are interested.

Second hand Locomotives
We recently received a stock of second hand locomotives. We have an LMS red single chimney Duchess, a GWR King, two Stars and a Saint available. Please enquire if any of these engines are of interest. All are in O gauge. 

John Borkowski 17 April 2023

Our 'Western' diesel wins Model of the Year Award!

MOY slider

This week we had some really great news. Thanks to all your efforts and determination to go out and vote the Masterpiece Models Class 52 Western diesel hydraulic has received the '0 Guage Locomotive of the Year' award by Model Rail magazine. Despite costing considerably more than popular plastic-bodied 0 gauge diesel models from other manufacturers, with far fewer also having been made, the Masterpiece 'Western' took the top slot. It was quite a tight contest versus Heljan models of a Class 47 and a Class 56, but it proved the point that, finally, metal wins over plastic!

We are so pleased to have won this award as we have made so much effort to get our Western as accurate as possible. We feel this award is great reflection on the locomotive and our team who have put in so much hard work on this project. It also reflects on the huge loyalty and interest that you all have in what we try to do. So, a big thank you to all of you who took the trouble to vote.

The photo shows one of our 'Westerns' in late condition blue livery, subtly weathered by Martyn Welch.

The Western diesel AVAILABILITY LIST has now been updated and revised.

28XX and 38XX, Collett 'Halls' and 'Modified Halls'

We are running late on deliveries as I have been suffering from some post-COVID health problems after my second bout of COVID that led to cancellation of our family Christmas festivities. After Easter we will try harder to get your locomotives out to you. Meanwhile sales, especially of 28XX models, has been steady and there are very few of these models now available. So, if you want a model please do not wait too much longer as soon there may be nothing available in these locomotive classes.

The team and I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter holiday.

John Borkowski
31 March 2023

Update 28 February 2023

Kettering Saturday Show 4 March 2023

Just to remind everyone that we will be attending the Kettering Show on Saturday.  If you would like us to bring your locomotive or rolling road for collection, please contact me by phone or email by Thursday at the latest as otherwise you may not receive your model/rolling road at the show. Our carrying capacity is restricted, so I only have a limited space for collection locomotives/rolling roads. If you have already contacted me your locomotive or rolling road is already booked.

 We look forward to seeing everyone at our stand. 

 John Borkowski

Update 14 February 2023

Swindon Show 4 February 2023
Thank you very much for everyone who came to the Swindon Show. It was a bit quieter than normal when the show was at Reading, but it was good to engage with you who came to the stand as we had a large number of our locomotives on display.

LMS/BR Ivatt Duchesses
As of today (14 Feb) we have reservations for 24 of the 25 Sir William Staniers, so we have transferred an additional 5 slots from the general production programme to this locomotive. If all these slots are taken up by the time you want to make a reservation for this engine and there are still spare slots for 46257 City of Salford, then please use a 46257 slot and say you want 6256/46256 in the notes. We will switch the slot to Sir William Stanier. This means that there are slots for up to 9 more models of 6256/46256. It is great to see the support for this programme which is so close to our heart. If only the real 46256 had been saved for the scrapman’s torch!

CLICK HERE to go to the Duchess reservations page.

I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!

John Borkowski
14 February 2023

The LMS engines you have been waiting for...

Rebuilt Scot

To welcome in the new year we are delighted to be able to bring you significant news of our next build, the LMS 7P 4-6-0 rebuilt Jubilees, Patriots and Royal Scots, as well as the unique 'British Legion'. We will also make the final Ivatt versions of the Princess Coronation (Duchesses).

Following a great deal of behind-the-scenes work we have developed highly detailed working drawings of these charismatic locomotives and we have been in close contact with our builder in South Korea to confirm production details. We hope shortly to commission the build and announce prices.

The whole production programme has been revised, taking into account the increased costs of making ultra-high-quality model locomotives due to minimum wage regulations in Korea, adverse BREXIT trade agreements, devaluation of the £ and the impact of inflation. All these factors have had a negative impact on demand, so we have adjusted the volume of 4-6-0 locomotives we plan to make to 80 models.

46256 Carlisle 29964 2

In addition we have added a programme of 30 Ivatt Duchesses representing the last two engines, 'Sir William A Stanier FRS' and 'City of Salford'.

We have also decided to take a flexible approach which allows a greater freedom of customer choice, while at a certain time freezing the programme so that we do not have the problem of fitting or changing names/numbers at a later date. So, unlike previous builds, you will, for the moment, be able to make a completely unrestricted choice of name and number from all those available. When production reaches the stage where we have to give the builder a painting specification, we will have to allocate names and numbers to the models which have not been reserved. After that point it will only be possible to choose from the available locomotives. In short, if you are keen on a particular engine, notify us of your reservation as soon as possible.

These engines will be designed and built to Scale 7 specifications. O Gauge models will be adapted from Scale 7 and be fitted with narrower chassis so that the models can negotiate sharper curves. The models will be fitted with our own helical high efficiency gearboxes, split axles and aerospace grade coreless motors. We shall also fit the new technology features that we introduced with the 68XX ‘Grange’ and 47XX tender locomotives.

Fully updated web pages with RESERVATION FORMS are now live on the site. You can access all the details of the 7P 4-6-0s HERE, and the Ivatt Duchesses HERE.

Happy New Year!
John Borkowski