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Halls, Modified Halls and 28/38XX reach the paintshop

BR Green Halls

Earlier this week we received some interesting pictures of the Collett Halls, the Hawksworth Modified Halls and the 28XX/28XX freight locomotives all at the paintshop. As you know these are complicated builds with very different liveries for the GWR and BR locomotives in each grouping. 

Green Halls28 38 on rackThe locomotives are now all painted in their primary livery colours, but detailing such as lining and painting nameplates and number plates is still under way at the paintshop. 

When the primary painting process is completed, the bodies and detailing parts will be fitted together and then the bodies chassis and tenders will be assembled as complete locomotives. This work realistically will probably take several more months to complete. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on our build programmes due to the need to take care to stop the spread of the virus in South Korea. Spread of the virus there is taken much more seriously than in the UK with very strict and effective procedures to control it. 

The vaccination programme started in South Korea in February this year, but is a long way behind the programme in the UK. I am sure that you will understand that the safety and health of our builders and their employees and contract labour is paramount. Our builders are working as best they can within all the prevailing constraints.

John Borkowski 29 April 2021

BR Black 28 38