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Final tweaks for the Western Diesel

Desert Sand

For the last few weeks the builder producing our Western Diesel Hydraulic locomotives has been busy with the requests for changes that we made following receipt of the two sample models earlier in the year. The work was mainly concerned with the lighting circuits (the engine room lights and the red and white marker lights), some painting details and improvements to the windscreen wipers. This doesn’t sound like much in terms of scope of work, but with 140 engines in the build and reduced resources due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has proved quite a time-consuming task!

Golden Ochre

Rail Blue

This work is now edging towards conclusion and we hope to ship the models to the UK in May. We thought we ought to share a few more pictures of some of the Western production models in other colours than BR Maroon and BR Green that you have already seen on the website. So here are some more photos from the factory workbenches, this time of Westerns in Desert Sand, Golden Ochre and of course the much more common BR Rail Blue colour schemes.

WipersThe windscreen wipers have been replaced with much improved versions (please note that the protective film is still in place on the windows of these models as they pass through the factory).

We think these pictures give you some more feeling and sense of presence of the models in other liveries. They really are something special.

In terms of livery availability, we have now sold out of Golden Ochre engines, but we still have a good choice of engines in all the other liveries. We also have a few other named engines available in Maroon with the early yellow buffer beams. The standard Maroon and Green Small Yellow Ends and Blue Full Yellow Ends are also available with a good choice of names.

We hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as we have.

John Borkowski 20 April 2021