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Rebuilt LMS Patriots, Royal Scots and Jubilees

IMPORTANT: Reservations made on the old Masterpiece Models website

When Masterpiece Models underwent a change of ownership in late 2015, reservations made on the old website were unfortunately not recorded. As we are now approaching the point when work on this series of models will start we are keen to ensure that you are able to have your choice of name/number, condition and livery.

If you made such a reservation please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to reinstate your choices before we open the list for new reservations. Just use the contact form HERE to tell us which locomotive you would like, giving as many details as possible. There is no commitment at this stage, but it will ensure your option to have the locomotive of your choice.


It's a while since we updated you on the Rebuilt 7P locomotives (Rebuilt 'Royal Scot', Rebuilt 'Patriot' and Rebuilt 'Jubilee') and we felt was time to tell you more about our progress behind the scenes on these attractive LMS 4-6-0s.

Bob Meanley of the Tyseley Locomotive Works has very kindly sent us a huge amount of information on these locomotives, identifying the commonalities and differences between them, as well as with other LMS locomotives including Black 5s and the 'Princess Coronation' Pacifics. From this we have prepared a schedule of data to help our builder to prepare for production of these locomotives. The very good news is that the build can be expedited through use of components that we developed for the Coronation Pacifics.

We are now actively planning for the production of these locomotives to follow on immediately after our Class 52 'Western' diesel, hopefully during late 2017.

In order to engage on the detailed planning for the Rebuilt LMS 7Ps, we would appreciate your feedback using the simple form below.

As we would like to widen the scope to produce more than on example of the Rebuilt 'Jubilees' – possibly the most attractive of all the BR 7Ps – we would like to gauge the interest of our customers in the various possibilities. For example, we are considering whether to build the two ex-Jubilees, the 18 Rebuilt Patriots and all the Royal Scots, including 'Gordon Highlander' and 'British Legion. We also feel it is important to include the prototype of these engines, 'British Legion', in our build as this was a much-loved locomotive and a great personal favourite, especially in BR form. 

So please do come back to us via the form below, email, text, telephone, or simply write in detaling your interest in these locomotives. Please also tell us the particular period that interests you – LMS, early BR or late BR, and the scale standard (7mm Finescale or ScaleSeven) in which you would prefer a model.

These models are getting close to the start of production and with your input we can fine-tune the edition to ensure nobody is disappointed.

John Borkowski

LMS Rebuilt Patriots, Royal Scots and Jubilees
Completing and submitting this form with an indication of your interests will help us to produce the right models to satisfy our customers' wishes.