Fine scale 0 gauge, strictly limited edition, museum quality model locomotives for modellers, enthusiasts and collectors

Masterpiece Models is committed to building ready-to-run, limited edition, 0 gauge finescale, state-of-the-art models of British outline locomotives to museum standards.  There are no compromises; no short cuts.  Just meticulous research of the prototypes backed by state-of-the-art technology.  Each model we build is thoroughly researched to accurately reflect the condition (and livery) of the individual locomotive at a particular period in time.  But these are not just collectors’ items; they are fully working models with astonishing levels of accuracy and detail.

We do not produce virtually indistinguishable models with the occasional different name and number or odd modification or another livery thrown in.  Our customers can expect nothing less than a thoroughly researched, hand built, unique and exceptional model based on their own specification and input.  That’s what we do.  This is how we do it.

All our models are based on official works drawings and are exhaustively researched.  Our builder, SJ Models of Incheon is one of the foremost model engineers in the world.  For each series of models, they produce between 200 to 400 engineering drawings covering each component or assembly for careful assessment by a team of professional locomotive engineers and model railway specialists here in the UK.  Once checked and approved, a first pre-production model is constructed for critical inspection by the team who record any changes or modifications necessary.  A second pre-production model is then built incorporating the necessary modifications, again for further careful scrutiny by our experts and clients.  This second model is fully painted and lined.  We have to be completely satisfied about the accuracy and performance of the second pre-production model before full production can start.  Nothing is left to chance, rushed or hurried.

Build Features

All Masterpiece models combine :-

  • official works drawings as primary source material
  • extensive and comprehensive research
  • access to the finest photographic collections
  • support from expert advisers
  • advice from professional locomotive engineers
  • expertise of leading model railway specialists
  • state-of-the-art model railway technology
  • constant appraisal of all aspects of the build
  • final evaluation by experts before production

All Masterpiece Models are built to a standard rather than a price.  We build only strictly limited editions, announcing the quantity to be built well in advance.  As far as possible, each model is unique - by name, number and/or condition/livery, unless otherwise clearly stated.  There are no additional builds and we give a straightforward guarantee that no more will be constructed.  Models reserved prior to production will have a personalised Certificate stating the model was built to the specification of (…the buyer…) and is No () of a limited edition. 

Build Details

Each Masterpiece Model is :-

  • computer designed from original drawings; laser produced
  • top quality primarily brass construction with lost wax fittings
  • hand assembled with high levels of quality control
  • ball bearings fitted to main and side rods and wheels
  • cosmetic individual leaf spring components that can actually work
  • with machined brass wheels with separate wheel balance weights
  • stainless steel tyres
  • nickel silver rods and valve gear
  • fitted with fully working inside motion
  • outside motion which can be moved into forward or reverse gear
  • opening smokebox door with interior fittings
  • rivets are clearly rivets, as bolts are bolts – as the original
  • fitted with individual name and numberplates and other fittings
  • with additional moving and working components
  • full cab detail with timber floor and range of accessories
  • easy coupling of locomotive and tender wherever possible
  • fully painted and lined in correct colours
  • Swiss made Maxon or German Faulharber motor
  • German ESU decoders with authentic sounds developed in UK
  • electronic rather than mechanical sound pick-up
  • silent fully enclosed gears designed for Masterpiece Models

Additional features are developed for each build such as copper caps to chimneys, sliding cab roofs (so full cab detail can be seen) and sliding glazed windows, removable loco lamps, etc.  Other features are included, dependant on the class of locomotive being modelled. 

Built To Your Specification

To keep Masterpiece Models in the forefront of UK 0 gauge model locomotive development, we have introduced our ‘build-to-specification’ concept.  This enables each individual model to look (whenever possible) exactly like its prototype including livery.  Every class of locomotives varied in appearance over time and indeed individual locomotives within classes.  Our models reflect this.  Because we build individual models, thorough in-depth research is essential to retain our reputation for accuracy.  There’s little doubt that the richness of research and wealth of information together with generosity of friends and customers sharing their expertise, has enabled Masterpiece Models to widen both the upcoming Star and Bulleid light Pacific builds.  If you have reserved a Star for example and read our brochure, you cannot fail to be impressed by the thoroughness of coverage for each individual Star and the range of options available for you to specify exactly how you want your Star built.  This support has made it possible to extend our ‘build-to-specification’ concept to all upcoming models.  The expertise of our customers and others, benefits everyone interested in accurate models.


Masterpiece Models first UK outline model was the GWR/BR Castle class in 2008/09.  111 were built and the entire production sold out before delivery.  Our next build was GWR/BR Kings, and 111 were built in seven different versions.  All have been sold.  Kings were followed by LMS/BR Coronations/Duchesses; streamlined and non-streamlined versions in seven different liveries.  Check the relevant website or phone or e-mail for limited remaining Duchess availability.  Check the relevant website or phone or e-mail for limited remaining Britannia & Clan availability.  Our current build is GWR/BR Stars (Saints & 4-4-2’s) in a wide range of build options. Our next build will be 111 Bulleid light Pacifics (extending to 60 rebuilds later); 111 Gresley A1/A3’s, and 111 rebuilt Royal Scots/Patriots.  Go to “Availability” to check specific locomotive not yet reserved.  We also have Dukes & Bulldogs & Dukedogs; BR Standard class 5’s and Sandringham/Footballers, under consideration.

To maintain the integrity of our limited editions, we consider it inappropriate to deal with second hand Masterpiece Models except under exceptional circumstances.  We do not ‘buy-back’ our models; neither do we offer anything but new models.